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June 3, 2011

Decorating Seashells

My mom recently returned from a trip to the Jersey Shore with a huge box of shells.
She was amazed at all the shells lining the beach!
So she brought some back to California for us to have a little fun with!

We headed to the craft store for some glitter, paint, beads, stickers, ribbon and glue.

And then we had some fun!

Goose made this one with the ribbon for me!
I am loved!!

I like using the sticker gems that are all one piece.
You just peel and stick!
So easy.

Here we glued one shell on top of another.

This is the other side of the same shell.
You can use either side, depending on your mood!

Even Daddy was having fun with this craft last weekend.
We had such a good time being creative and oohing and ahhing over everybody's
shells.  I couldn't get Binky into it, but I haven't given up yet!
Maybe some Star Wars stickers...


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I have never considered that idea, but I might have to in the future when I bring shells home.

  2. Oh I love those shells. So very creative and fun. xx