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June 17, 2011

our week

 Above is Binky's thank you card to Grandma with some chinese writing.
It says, "Thank you Grandmother."
He is learning Mandarin.  After seeing The Karate Kid, he came home
and told me he wanted to learn Chinese.
Right now we are using this book.  Binky really enjoys it.
It covers everything from the four Mandarin tones and characters to numbers and eating in a restaurant.
Binky especially enjoys writing in Chinese. 

I pulled out some canvases the other day and the kids immediately sat down to paint.
Daddy joined them.  He is always ready to sit down and create!
This one is Binky's.  You probably guessed that!
I love the colors he used together.

Goose painted this after an unpleasant day with a friend.
It makes me feel sad, but I love, love how it turned out!
Painting was a healing way for her to deal with a sad situation.
She is taking a break from friend for now.

I found these blank puzzles at the craft store the other day and forgot about them.
Daddy found them and painted this scene on his.
It makes me think of a magical land or another world in a galaxy far, far away...
These blank puzzles are so cool!

This is Goose's puzzle.
Well, it's not really a puzzle anymore.  She used
so much paint that it won't come apart. 
But it is still a beautiful piece of art!

Daddy recieved his Father's Day gift early this year!
It is a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker!
We have been making ice cream all week.
Binky is more than happy to help in the kitchen when ice cream is involved!
Big surprise there!
And while we're at it we use fractions, convert cups to quarts and tablespoons and
watch the changes in matter right before our eyes!
Happy Weekend!


  1. I love kids artwork. My favourite pieces of artwork are framed and created by my kids.

  2. i took japanese in college and loved learning katagana! they use the same characters as chinese - for some... i can't remember. but, there is katagana and hiragana. what a cool book you got for binky. i love how motivated homeschool kids get to take charge of their own learning. there is time... lovely.