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July 23, 2012

crocheting and concussions

This is my latest creation.  I am in love with the colors! 
I can't wait to wear it this fall.
I have been crocheting like crazy and hope to show you what
I have been up to soon!
Now on to concussions.
On Saturday, Binky was on a metal fence with metal bars, like jail bars, and fell while still holding
onto the railing and slammed his face up against the bars.
His brow bones and the bones under his eyes hit the bars on both sides!
He was disoriented, terrible headache, seeing colors and dizzy when he walked.
He is still dizzy, has a headache and his face hurts!
And some bruising is starting to show.
We went to ER yesterday just to be safe.
Now we are home trying to rest and avoid stimulation.
Do you know how hard that is for a 10 year old boy?
If friends come over they always end up wrestling at some point.
So none of that for this first week!
No TV, video games, computer, wii, physical activity of any kind or reading!
Focusing his eyes at all hurts.
That is for the first week.
Next week we can ease into reading for short periods of time.
So I am reading to him now.
Which I do anyway.
And he is playing with is action figures.
Clone troopers, mostly.
Thank goodness for Star Wars!


  1. oh my goodness! i hope he feels better soon! what else can he do?! is he allowed to draw? create with clay? learn to crochet? : ) love your scarf. i love the colors too.

  2. Oh, man. That sounds so awful. Poor kid. I hope he is back on his feet soon.

  3. Speedy healing for Binky! Sounds like you're taking good care of him:)

    I love your scarf, it looks so soft and cozy!