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July 11, 2012

d i v i n g

Goose learned to dive from the diving board this week!
She is very excited about it!

She has been on the diving board nonstop this week while
swimming with her friends.

I remember learning to dive. 
My grandfather taught me.
One of my favorite memories.

She's been swimming all week with her friends.
A different local pool each day.
We are lucky enough to have about 7 or 8 public pools in our area.
I took the girls yesterday
and found a nice spot to crochet in the shade.
Today is another day of diving for Goose
and a visit to the skate park for Binky and I.
He will be skateboarding and I
will be crocheting. 
Enjoy your summer day!


  1. I remember learning to dive too. Good childhood memories:)

  2. Lucky girl that's one thing I wont be able to teach my kids...I never learned even in swim class in school..I just not very confident in water...So good for her I think that's a very big deal!! She sounds like a little fish:)

    I just found your blog while hoping around.. I was just reading through your old posts...I hope all went well with your first surgery on the 12th...I'm sorry to hear the bad news...Prayers are with you.

  3. I learned to dive at King and I remember being pushed to do the high dive before I was ready, but those thrills and accomplishments are what stick! She's looking good!