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July 19, 2012

knight's helmet

I am not sure why, but Binky decided he wanted to make his own knight's helmet.
He started with a basic sketch.
There are so many designs to choose from!
We did a little research online and found this site very helpful.

We started with cardboard, a stapler and tape.

He had to model his helmet, of course!

And pose with it!

Next, we covered the entire thing with foil.

And now we are working on covering it with paper maiche.
This will take several layers and several days to achieve the final look
he is going for.  I can't wait for the finished product!
I will post pics when we are finished!

So, I had the cancer removed from my arm last week.
It only took about 10 minutes.
Scrape, burn, scrape, burn, scrape, burn.
While I was there, I had one more mole removed to be biopsied.
And the results for that one are benign!!!!!
The doctor also made me feel better about the
upcoming surgery on my face.  I am scheduled for
August 21 at 10am.
Keeping busy with the kids helps keep me calm.
Being crafty, like with Binky's helmet, also is a big help.
How do you keep calm in times of stress?


  1. knitting knitting knitting! oh and chocolate. but, that seems counterproductive doesn't it? i love binky's helmet and his bangs! : ) they're very knightly. what a cool project.

  2. Very, very cool helmet!
    Your kids are looking so grown up in your header photo!
    So glad for the benign news. We have skin cancer in our family, so I understand the big fear behind the little spots. Hope your summer is treating you well!