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July 2, 2012

skin cancer

So... I have skin cancer.
I have one on my face and one on my arm.
They are both basal cell carcinoma.
The one on my arm is not very deep.  I am having it
removed July 12.
The one on my face is a different story.
I have had it for several years and that is not good.
It was just a flesh-colored bump with an indent in the center.
No strange color or texture.
I had no idea it could be skin cancer.
Basal cell invades other tissue under the skin so we won't
know where the cancer has travelled until they perform the surgery on
August 21.  It is a special surgery for skin cancer called
Mohs surgery.  Layers of skin are removed one at a time and checked by a
pathologist in the office until there are no more cancer cells
visible.  It can be an all day procedure.
But, there is a 99% or above success rate of removal.
I am terrified.
I am trying to stay upbeat.
I found out last Tuesday, my poor husband's birthday.
I got the call about an hour before his family was coming over to
celebrate.  It was not fun. 
So, for now I wait for my surgeries.
That will be the hard part.


  1. i would be terrified too, but in case it makes you feel a bit of peace, my step dad had three of them and he was just fine. it's the best case scenario of skin cancer to have and hardly ever metastasizes. sending you light and love through the internet!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts. May the surgeries be a success.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your positive thoughts and concern! I am keeping busy and thinking positive!

  4. Sending love and light across the ether x

  5. I can understand how terrified you are. But take some peace in knowing how high the success rate is. Thinking good things for you... and hoping you can find some peace in your heart during this time. Things will be fine... I just know they will. Hugs. :)

  6. I swear; you are the fifth person I know that's been diagnosed with cancer this summer. What is going on? (and by the way they are all doing amazingly well!)

    I will be sending you healing, healthy energies Lisa. Hoping all will be well and you'll stay strong. I know it's scary, (((Hugs)))
    Keep us posted please on how things are going for you.
    Many blessings! ~Anet

  7. That stinks! I have had similar news on bad tests, one on my heart, one from cancer cells on my cervix. It was super scary, and I know just the space you are trapped in. You are going to be fine, and soon this will all just be a memory. One day at a time. Keep us updated and I will be thinking of you. HUGS!

  8. Oh, I replied above before seeing this. I am keeping you in my thoughts. I know you must be scared.

  9. I was so delighted to see a comment from you on my blog -- but then, when I came here to see what you've been doing, my heart sank. I'm so sorry to hear you've been going through something so scary! I know exactly how you feel. :(

    I just returned to Facebook--are you still there? I'd love to keep in touch. I've been in a sort of cocoon for the past year. We've discovered Benjamin struggles w/ dyslexia and I'm really focused on school right now--going from laid back unschoolers to "daily lessons" homeschoolers for Second Grade...so, I won't be on FB much, but I'd love to keep in touch with you again, sweet friend!

    I'll keep you in my prayers--lots of hugs...and well-wishes!