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June 1, 2010

Memorial Day at Golden Gate Fields

We spent the day at Golden Gate Fields, our local horse track.
It was family day so there were bounce houses and slides, face-painting, music and lots of fun!

This is the winning horse in the first race.

We made a small wager and won!

It's so cool being right in front of the starting gate.

Me and my girl.

The DJ was a lot of fun.
Binky was dancing up a storm!!
His feet hurt when the day was over!
He made several friends throughout the day.

The grandparents had a couple of boxes so we sat with them for a while until the kids had to get back down to the fun stuff.

It was a perfect day!


  1. Really like the photo of you and your girl! There's something special taking the photo like that.

  2. That does sound like a perfect day. I've never been to any horse races, but would like to. :)