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March 8, 2011

anatomy and kivas

Goose is studying the human body right now.
We've started a wall of her sketches.

As part of Binky's Native American study we read Arrow to the Sun.
I forgot how truly beautiful this book is!
Binky loved it.
He drew what was inside each of the four kivas in the story, lions, snakes, bees and lightning!
He made his own kiva filled with fire!
We also went to see the Olmec exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco!
This was very cool.
We watched a video on how archeologists believe the Olmec people made and
hauled these enormous stone heads.
Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures!
While we were there we looked at pueblo baskets and pottery to go
with our Arrow to the Sun study.
Today... Binky is sick.
It will be books, tea and naps for us today!

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  1. I am so impressed with her anatomy drawings! I hope the sickies go away. Here too and at many friends' homes. Something is going around.