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March 22, 2011

shoebox lid weaving

Find yourself a shoebox lid that is in pretty good condition.
I taped the corners for extra support.
Mark and cut equally spaced slits on both ends of the lid.
Lace your string back and forth to form the warp.

Tie your yarn to the first warp and begin weaving.

When you want to change yarn, simply tie the new one to the old one and continue weaving.
You can weave in any loose ends when your are finished.

Be sure not to pull too tightly at the edges so you don't get an hourglass effect.
When you are done with your last line, tie it to the last warp.
Now you can weave in those loose ends from the back.
Gently pull the weaving off each end of the lid.
Find some sticks or dowels to slide through the loops at each end.
And now you have a beautiful wall hanging for your room!
When I first showed this to Binky, he said no.
But as soon as I started he said, "I want to do it!"
After a few minutes he said he wanted to weave a rug for his room!
I highly recommend reading "Annie And The Old One."
The story goes wonderfully with this craft.


  1. This is a really cool idea! Something I think I could definitely do with the boys. Thanks for the book suggestion as well. I hope you're enjoying our brief bit of sun today :)

  2. I love this idea! I'll try to do it with my boy this weekend :)

  3. So so clever! My mom was a professional weaver and I remember making many little rugs on homemade looms using meat trays, even though she had a table loom we could have used. Now I have used veggie trays with my kids whenever I happen to buy veggies that way. But a shoe box lid is bigger and better! Nicola

  4. LOVE this! my earth school children will enjoy it!

    happy day!

  5. WOW! Just beautiful and easy-peasy! Thanks I will give this a try soon.

  6. Hi, I saw this on The Crafty Crow. I love how you simplified weaving for kids and look forward to weaving with my own children as they get older.

  7. Looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


  9. how do u take the thing ur made off!!!! HELP!!!

  10. first concept i have found on how to make a loom :) what about using a wooden box with holes bored at sides?