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March 14, 2011

math cat, tudor style and nature journals

Scratch the cat loves to be right in the middle of things.
Even if it's 5th grade math!

Goose and Grandma finished the tudor dress!
Isn't it beautiful?!
Goose made dinner for Grandma to thank her for all the hard work.

This is part of Goose's research project in her Shakespeare class.
It will be displayed in the lobby of the theatre before and after the play.
I am so looking forward to seeing their version of "Twelfth Night."

We spent an hour in the garden poem writing and sketching.
It had been too long since we last opened our nature journals.
Do you have a nature journal?


  1. Oh wow, the dress turned out just lovely, nice job! How exciting that it will be on display!!

    I just posted about how homeschoolers must have the smartest cats on the planet(cute photo of Goose and Scratch.) Ours was studying rocks and minerals the other day.

    The kids look so grown sitting on that bench! Nice that you're getting outside. We have a few days later this week that will be in the 50's. I can hardly wait!
    Noah has a nature journal he keeps in his backpack so it's always ready when he needs it.

  2. Wow, Goose did an amazing job with that dress! Absolutely stunning and it is so sweet that she made dinner as a thank you... what a truly lovely girl :).

    I do love that hat Binky is sporting. I hope my boys have that much style when they get to his age.

    Now that my boys are starting to express themselves more with writing and drawing, I think we will start doing more journaling of our adventures outdoors. Your kids look so peaceful doing it, I am inspired!

  3. Do you know what I love most about this post? That final photo--so sweet.

    You know, Benjamin has a "science" journal. It includes his sketches of insects and of plants but also, plans for a catapult. It's sort of a catch-all for all things science-related.

    I hope as he gets older he'll keep a separate nature journal but for now I like his mish-mash journal. :)