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January 23, 2009

Breakfast by Goose

Goose has started making breakfast for Binky and I. Pancakes are her specialty! She sets the table and everything. All we have to do is sit and enjoy! Thank you Goose! Cooking is a great way to learn about fractions. She makes half of the pancake recipe so she has to adjust the ingredients accordingly. Homeschooling with pancakes... yummy!


  1. Hmmmm.... wonder if I could get Noah to make me pancakes?
    Cooking is a great way to learn math and science:)
    The pancakes look delicious and the table looks wonderful, great job Goose!
    We're making root beer soon:)

  2. i love kitchen math! isn't it wonderful when our children become so proficient and self sufficient in the kitchen? yesterday avery wanted to make coconut sorbet, so i said, "google the recipe". she did and made the sorbet by herself, including the simple syrup (she did ask for some help pouring the hot liquid). it was delicious.

    great job goose! way to take care of your mom and brother.