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January 5, 2009


Cousin was over on Friday and brought his Mancala game. Goose and Binky had never played before. They all had a really good time taking turns playing. I love the glass pebbles. Well, after Cousin left Goose and Binky wanted to continue playing so Daddy made a board for them out of an egg carton. And the kids used pennies to play. It worked perfectly! They played all weekend!
Pennies are okay, but we are going to try beans today. They might be easier to handle.
Today is our first day of homeschooling after a two week break. Not a full break, but definitely less going on. Let's just say it will probably take this week to get back into our routine. Which is cool with me. Thinking back over the last two weeks there was a lot of learning going on. Just not a lot of documentation. Today is park day with our homeschool group, but it's raining so we are staying in!!!

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  1. I love mancala. I used to have the game, not sure what happen to it. I should get a new one or make one! It's really fun.