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January 14, 2009

shelters and elephants

Goose and Binky are back in Wednesday classes and they had a blast! Their first classes were about shelters. This village was created in Binky's class. Goose and a partner made a gingerbread house and talked about the reasons humans and animals take shelter and build their own.
Binky's second class is about animals and their babies. The first animal of study is the African Elephant. We made giant ears, modeled here by teacher Diane!

We also heard a story about elephants and how they use their trunks. After the story, the kids could choose between a few different activities. Binky chose dot-to-dot. He really enjoyed this class.

Goose's second class was art appreciation. Their first project was collage and negative space. I see a face when I look at this masterpiece. All in all, it was a pretty good day. Long, but good. Actually, Goose did have trouble with one boy who was bothering her during lunch. He walked up to her and told her she was weird. For no reason at all. She was really upset about it. I guess he was even telling other boys that she was weird(whatever that means.) After seeing this fellow and watching the way he was looking at her I soon realized that he liked her! Suddenly I was having memories of boys throwing things at me in class and pulling my hair not because they didn't like me, but because they did. Anyway, I explained this to Goose and she said she thought maybe that's why he did it(that's my girl!) But it still hurt her feelings. I reminded her to use her trash can and to throw those words away and not take them to heart.
The day isn't over yet and I am ready for bed! The weather here is incredible!!! Yesterday it was 76 degrees!!! Can you believe it? It's January and we had to pull out our short sleeves and open all the windows. I'm not complaining.

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