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January 7, 2009


What is GLOOK? It's homemade sillyputty! Goose made it in science class and brought home the recipe. So, finally, today we made a bunch of it. All you need is white glue, water, and borax.
In the first cup you add one tablespoon each of white glue and water. If you want to add coloring now is the time. A few drops will do. Mix well. In the second cup you add 1/4 cup warm water and 1 teaspoon of borax. Stir until completely dissolved.

Now add the glue mixture to the borax. You will see your GLOOK forming in the cup(my favorite part!) Move the GLOOK around in the cup for a minute or so.

Now you are ready to remove your GLOOK. Here, Goose used a stick, but I prefer to pull it out with my hands! Play with the GLOOK in your hands to form it and remove the liquid. It should feel like silly putty.

We made several colors. This stuff is great for sensory issues. Binky does not like to get his hands sticky or messy. Fun stuff like GLOOK inspires him to explore new sensations. GLOOK needs to be kept in air-tight containers.
We had a great day overall. Both Goose and Binky are really into math right now. Binky is reading more and more each day! It's so exciting! Goose really enjoys science and cooking. She has started her own recipe book. They both start classes next Wednesday through our homeschooling charter. Binky is taking a class on animals and a class on shelters. Goose is taking human shelters throughtout history and art appreciation. Should be fun. We always look forward to Wednesday classes.
Time for dinner!


  1. I've got to try this with my kids....how fun! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. oh, i'm glad to have found your blog!

    eager to