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June 23, 2010

a day with the girls

Goose practicing her stroke

building at Adventure Playground

the zip-line

crab collecting

Yesterday was my day in the coop camp. Since Goose was in preschool we have spent several weeks each summer with these same 5 girls. They are all turning 10 this year. It has been a wonderful experience watching them all grow into amazing young ladies!
This was the first year where Binky was a real part of the group.
Usually he is just the annoying little brother!
But I was so thrilled to watch them all play together so effortlessly.
We started the day at swimming lessons, followed by Adventure Playground, playing on the shore, some play time at home and then everyone went to see one of the girls test and pass for her purple belt in martial arts.
After dinner Goose and Binky went right to sleep!!
I am so grateful that my girl has such wonderful friends to grow up with.
Seeing them together fills my heart with love!!


  1. What an amazing day! You have a beautiful blog. Love your flickr pics, too! --Jennifer syrendell.blogspot.com

  2. Lots of fun! It's lovely that your girl has a great group of longstanding friends and that your son can participate more in the yearly group. Crab catching is great. Happy summer days!

  3. What a cute little crab...:)

  4. What a fun day! I so wish we had an adventure playground nearby. Much more creative than the garish play structures at our playgrounds.