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June 26, 2010

Lego Master Exhibit

A local Lego Master, Johannes van Galen, is displaying his amazing Legos here in the Bay Area!
I think this photo says it all!
Binky and friend were in heaven!

race car garages

under water scenes

Star Wars Imperial Cruisers


Ferris wheels that turn

one of my favorites, the forest

and the Eiffel Tower!
There was so much more than what you see here.
I can't even imagine how long it must take to set this up.
Friend said, "This is why I love Legos! I just can't get enough Legos!"
I don't know about you, but there are legos all over my house.
Sometimes I even find them in my bed!!


  1. That is amazing. I had to show my son, who also loves Legos. He was excited just to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. My boys would have loved this! Especially the Star Wars:)

  3. everyone at our house loves legos also...except me when I step on them in the middle of the night :)

  4. My goodness...the things you can make with Lego!!!
    That looks like a fun day!
    :) maureen

  5. Oh, very cool! LEGO is a big deal in this house too - many shelves dedicated to the snap lidded bins that hold them! Not enough shelves for all the completed ones though...