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June 7, 2010

Big News

As part of her California study, Goose made a topographic map and our state bear.
We used air-dry clay.
Today she is going to paint them both.
While she was doing that, Binky made this bearded lizard.
He is so cute!
I can't wait to see him painted.

Daddy found a bunch of welding masks and gave one to Binky.
He immediately wanted to decorate it.
I love how it turned out!

Saturday we stopped by the farmer's market.
The bags of salad are my favorite!
We eat it all summer long.
Goose loves the fruit tasting station.
We bought some sweet nectarines. I can't wait to do some baking with all this lovely summer fruit! I tried some kale celery apple juice. It was quite refreshing!
It's really starting to feel like summer around here, finally.
The big news is...
today is Daddy's first day at work!
It's been 13 months since he lost his job and what a struggle it has been.
But, today, we are moving forward!
It feels like a gray cloud is starting to clear and we can see blue skies again!
We held on for so long we forgot what it was like to be able to just breathe.
We are so grateful for this moment.
What are you grateful for right now??


  1. Oh, congratulations on the new employment! What a long-awaited blessing!

    I love the clay creations! What a great idea with the topographical map.

  2. Yay!!!! I'd do a cartwheel...if I could!
    I'm so over the moon to hear about this great news for your family.~

    I just love the kid's clay projects.
    We're studying Michigan right now...
    Gee, we don't have a state bear, just a painted turtle:)
    The welders mask is unbelievably cool!

  3. I'm so happy for your family and your big news! :)

  4. Hey Lisa,

    momof3angels is me...
    Not sure why it posted that way, weird!


  5. Congratulations on the employment!!! Wonderful news!

    We're always on edge here--Michael's company likes to randomly layoff people with no rhyme or reason (sometimes forever, sometimes for a week, or sometimes just a few days). We never know what's coming next. :(

    I love the bearded lizard!!! Post pics when it's painted. :)