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June 16, 2010


we are so fascinated with the tearing down of this building.

made lots of boats
the soap bar boat sank!

played some basketball

explored the creek

and found some friends.
i watched the Celtics sadly lose game 6!
and then we stayed up late waiting for Daddy to get home.
i am reading The Little Prince to Binky.
this is my first reading of it and I'm really enjoying it.
i think Binky is too.
he is reading Warriors: Cats of the Clans.
i can't tell you how happy i was to walk into my room and see him on the bed reading to himself!
i was jumping for joy inside!
what are your kids reading?


  1. Noah is reading P.W. Cantanese's series of The Books of Umber. He loves them!

    Hmmm... I'm thinking Ivory soap floats. Maybe you can use it the next time making soap boats.
    Well your boat sure looked seaworthy!
    (I never knew seaworthy was one word, you learn something new everyday!)

  2. Found my way here via The Nutrients of Life (Amber) and cannot believe I haven't 'met' you before now! We seem to like so many of the same blogs!

    I love a good creek :)

  3. I have recently had my son reading on his own too. He still loves being read to, especially all of his science-ish books with lots of harder words, but ah....love it!

    We are reading books about praying mantises, honeybees, mealworms and pokemon. :) A has been seen reading the National Geographic Kids magazine recently too...

  4. How funny, my daughter is reading The Little Prince right now to! My son reads his Lego catalogs and manuals every night. ;)

  5. Ha! Love the Lego spaceman! I'll have to show Benjamin the demolition photo-he'll love it!

    I read The Little Prince to Benjamin over a year ago--I'll probably read it again as he was a bit young for it.

    Just to let you know how prematurely I've read things to him...I also read the first 100 Tales from the Brothers Grimm. Not only were they extremely grim (pun intended) but he was far too young to understand most of them! Duh!

  6. On The Banks of Plum Creek. My 5 year old and my husband and I have decided this is our favorite Laura Ingles Wilder book so far. We are going to school our daughter at home for Kinder this year. So excited! Love your blog.