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June 11, 2010

more ROY G BIV

Yesterday I printed the photos of the ROY G BIV flowers from my previous post.
The colors are so vivid!
Then I printed each flower in black and white in 8x10 size.
We painted only the flower in each picture.
I LOVE how they turned out!!

This was a really fun and easy project.
I am going to frame each one in an acrylic frame and hang them on the wall in ROY G BIV order.
Both Goose and Binky seem to really enjoy painting.
The room always feels calm and peaceful when there are paintbrushes in their hands.
I'm planning an end of summer art show here at our house for friends and family so the kids can show off their priceless works of art!
How will you be spending your days at home with the kids?


  1. What a lovely idea :) I love how you said that "the room always feels calm & peaceful with paintbrushes in hand." Isn't that the truth!!! My kids spend a lot of time painting too and then we follow that up by framing. Kids artwork is both priceless & timeless ... I know I've been slacking on the commenting lately but I really do enjoy reading your blog. Happy Friday :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is a fabulous ideas! I think I may have to borrow it! ;-) I think I better take a further look around your sweet blog. Happy Weekend!

  3. Those paintings/photos are so cool! I love how they turned out. I also like your idea of putting on an art show for friends and family. I'm hoping to bring out the paints more often with my kids over the summer.

  4. WOw that is a great idea. The paintings look very abstract. Congrats to the kids for getting to do the demo before the Karate Kid movie. They must be so proud.


  5. this looks awesome! curious about the materials you used... did you print them on regular typing paper and paint with acrylics/tempra?

  6. This really was fun! I did use plain typing paper and acrylic paint. I think I am going to print up some other subjects, like buildings and family members to get my son more involved!

  7. These are just beautiful. What a grand idea.
    And, yes, paintbrushes in hand make every day better, calmer, happier...