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June 8, 2010

painting and a superhero

This is Binky's bearded lizard I posted yesterday.
Isn't he cute?
He looks so happy in the grass.
California topographic map

California poppy

and the brown bear. Goose did such a great job with this project.
I just love the bear!

She also made this medicine pouch.
She filled it with pieces of amethyst for protection.
So yesterday I was a superhero!
An actual superhero.
Three teenagers were hanging around my neighbor's house with black gloves on.
Not normal!
The gloves were the dead giveaway.
So the moment I saw them go up to her window and start trying to open it I stepped outside onto my porch and slammed the door behind me so they would notice me.
They did.
But they weren't scared off yet!
So I started walking toward my gate and that's when they took off.
I called the police and gave them a description.
I don't think they caught them.
I'm just glad I was able to stop them.
I was not about to sit by and wait for the police while they broke in and took whatever they could. This is my neighborhood!
Don't think you can come here and no one is watching!
Crime-fighters live here!
And we are watching out for our each other!


  1. Love the bearded lizard!

    Rock on with your superhero-bad@ssness! I'm so impressed. I wish I had good neighbors like you. Ours are so unsavory--their teenagers are probably the criminals you're fighting! :(

  2. What lovely art! You go girl, you are a superhero!

  3. Good for you for being brave...and for providing such meaningful ways for your children to learn.